Pasquale's pizzeria opened its first location in Austintown, OH on March 31, 2001. After building the store and establishing a name, Steven R. Eicheldinger, the founder of the company, was presented with an opportunity to build another location close to his home. The Pasquale's pizzeria in Austintown was sold to a competent owner. The Pasquale's pizzeria name was not yet approved for licensing at that point so it did not become a licensed location.

Mr. Eicheldinger opened the next location in Wilmerding, PA on April 10, 2002. During the construction of the Wilmerding location Mr. Eicheldinger sold his first license agreement and the first licensed store opened April 3, 2002 in Gibsonia, PA. A rapid, steady growth has continued since.

Pasquale's pizzeria is dedicated to providing the finest pizzas, hoagies, salads, wings and a whole lot more. "Fast! Fresh! And hot to your door! ® "

We believe the customer is our business and we will do everything within our means to satisfy our customers.