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Pasquale's Pizzeria

Want to own a business?  Now you can!


Pasquale’s Pizzeria is different than most “chain” and “franchise” type restaurants. Pasquale’s licenses owners/operators. We don’t believe we should tell you what hours you should be open, how many employees you should have or what uniforms they should wear, among a host of other requirements franchises normally impose. Molding your business to your customers and culture creates a “hometown” feel to your Pasquale’s and a unique connection with the community franchises rarely achieve. And, it may possible to start for around $100,000!*


Pasquale's Advantages:

• Low license cost and royalties  

• Highest quality food with proprietary ingredients  

ª Extensive and customizable menu

• Flexibility

• Training and marketing support

• A culture of integrity, compassion, and continuous improvement

*Depending on equipment, location expenses, and other conditions


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