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Pasquale's Pizzeria


Mission Statement

Pasquale’s Pizzeria is dedicated to providing the finest pizzas, hoagies, salads, wings and a whole lot more. Fast! Fresh And Hot To Your Door.® We believe the customer is our business and we will do everything within our means to make sure the customer is satisfied!

Business Structure

Pasquale’s Pizzeria Inc is an ‘S’ corporation that specializes in pizza and pizza-related product delivery. Pasquale’s pizzeria also sells license agreements to experienced operators. Currently, there are seven licensees operating eight licensed stores. All locations open at 11:00 for lunch business, and close between the hours of 10:30 pm to 12:00 midnight.

Stores are set up with speed in mind. The floor plans are designed to run efficiently with minimal staff. Having an even flow is important. From the phone center to stretching pizzas, topping pizzas, cooking pizzas, cutting pizzas and then out the door. In 2005 Pasquale’s pizzeria went computerized to increase efficiency. Pasquale’s Pizzeria does not have fryers for several reasons. It provides for healthier food, cleaner stores, and lower insurance rates.

Pasquale’s pizzeria is a “Chain” with a “Mom & Pop” attitude. Pasquale’s pizzeria has a goal to open a total of 15 licensed locations by 4th quarter 2018. This very attainable goal will be accomplished by simple marketing for licensees and word of mouth. Pasquale’s pizzeria is very appealing due to the profitability. Currently, with food cost at approximately 34%, the gross profit margins are around 20%. License fees and royalty fees are among the lowest in the industry.


Steven R. Eicheldinger, President. Before founding Pasquale’s Pizzeria, Steve spent 4 years serving his country in the U.S.A.F. from 1982 – 1986. After leaving the military, Mr. Eicheldinger wanted to learn all he could about the pizza industry. In early 1987, he started delivering food for Domino’s pizza. After a year with the company, he went into the Dominos pizza M.I.T. program and progressed to General Manager. He was promoted to his first general manager position in Etna, PA, where he really excelled, increasing the sales 87% over the previous quarter. He was awarded the Silver challenge for Dominos Pizza Inc. Soon after, and with constant positive comparative sales, he was promoted to District supervisor.

In 1993, Pizza Outlet, a young company with 11 locations, offered Steve a District manager position. Once again, his district excelled and received another promotion as the Opening Store Coordinator/ Franchise Supervisor. Steve spent the next several years opening new locations and training all new Franchisees. After a very rapid growth in Franchisees, he was then promoted to Director of Operations/ Franchise stores. The 60+ Franchise locations were doing well and the Franchisee – Corporate relationship was strong. The President/CEO saw various differences between Franchisee and Corporate locations and decided consistency was very important. He approached Steve and offered him advancement to Director of Operations for both Franchise and Corporate locations. Steve was doing well in his position over the time he held this position; however, his mother became ill. He left his high position in the company to operate the family’s two Pizza Outlet locations in Ohio. It was during this time he realized his true dream to start his own company.

Make your dream become a reality. If you are interested in making a new and exciting business venture and are interested in opening your own licensed Pasquale's Pizzeria location please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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