Fast! Fresh! 
And Hot to Your Door!


Providing the finest pizzas, hoagies, salads, wings and a whole lot more to your neighborhood.

With a rich history spanning over 20 years, Pasquale’s Pizzeria is a reknowned pizza licensor in Pittsburgh, PA. We pride ourselves on being a local pizza shop offering a delightful taste experience that is both fast and fresh. Our multiple locations and licensee opportunities reflect our commitment to bringing the joy of Pasquale’s to neighborhoods near you. We prioritize customer satisfaction and delivering the best quality foods at a price you can afford. Whether you’re enjoying a quick bite at one of our select locations or having your favorite pizza delivered promptly to your doorstep, we guarantee that your order will be fast, fresh, and hot to your door. Join us and savor the unmatched experience of Pasquale’s Pizzeria.


Be a Boss. Own a Pasquale’s.

Becoming an owner of a Pasquale’s Pizzeria near you opens up a world of exciting possibilities and enticing benefits. You’ll not only embark on an exciting entrepreneurial journey but also become an integral part of the local community, providing employment opportunities and becoming a beloved food destination. Unleash your passion for pizza, and embark on a rewarding adventure as the owner of a small chain pizza franchise near you, where success, satisfaction, and mouthwatering flavors await.